Which Gaming Chair Shall I Buy: Gaming Chairs For PC Players


When budgeting for a new PC set-up what factors should you consider? Well, of course you need to buy a top quality graphics. How many screens do you need? Is one enough or perhaps you need two or maybe even three if you are an online poker wizard. What operating system fan club do you belong to, Windows, MAC OS, Linux maybe? These are all critical components to consider when constructing your perfect PC and gaming set-up. However, one crucial piece of a PC setup that gamers often fail to consider when budgeting for a PC is where they sit – a comfortable chair is vital.

Let’s face it, sitting on a chair staring at a computer screen is not going to do much good for your physical well-being. Your fingers may get a workout but other than that, sitting in front of a computer screen is not going to get you physically fit. However, it is vitally important for your health that you get a comfortable chair to sit on if you are going to be spending hours a day in front of your computer screen playing your favourite games. A good gaming chair can last you up to a decade and will save your body from all sorts of aches and pains that would likely grow into serious problems later on in life.

So, without further ado, I present to you a top five list of PC gaming chairs that will be comfortable, long lasting and will hopefully save you from and future spinal surgery.

The DX Racer Formula Series. Cost – $299.00

Which Gaming Chair Shall I Buy: Gaming Chairs For PC Players

If you are familiar with esports news, events and gaming then you are probably familiar with DX racer chairs. These chairs are popular with several esports athletes and teams including compLexity, Dignitas, and Fnatic. The chair is built for comfort and built for serious PC gamers– it is made of a patented race car seat material, an integrated headrest ensures minimal amount of neck pain whilst a headrest and lumbar cushion are provided as a free bonus when buying this chair. However, if you are an office worker looking for comfort then you can bet that this chair will provide that – if it is comfortable enough for up to and beyond 8 hours of PC gaming then it will be comfortable for office use as well.

The DX Racer Formula Series also has adjustable features. The armrests are made of a special soft material and are adjustable to protect the shoulders and wrists. The chair itself is adjustable to 170 degrees meaning if you become tired after playing seven hours nonstop of LoL you can simply recline the chair and take a power nap right there and then. The height of the chair can be adjusted with an adjustable gas spring.

The chair comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a two-year warranty on the parts. It does require some putting togeather but this does not take long and all the tools that you need are included within the packaging of the chair. It comes in a number of different colours and when fully build, weighs 49lbs.

Don’t forget that there are subtle differences in the design of each type of chairs DX Racer offers.

  • O-Series: O for Origin. Least expensive with mesh, PU leather, arms not adjustable.
  • F-Series: F for Formula. Step up from Origin with adjustable arms.
  • R-Series: R for Racing. Taller backed version with more features. Taller, slim to average user.
  • K-Series: K for King. Deluxe series, “4D” adjustable arms, aluminum base, larger casters.
  • S-Series: S for Sentinel. For big and tall users.
  • T-Series: T for Tank. Do you have giant’s blood in you? You better buy this one.

The chair has received a 4.6/5 rating on Amazon. The cahir is designed to hold you in an upright position so if you’re a sloucher then you should maybe consider another chair. More information regarding this chair can be found here.

Bean bag chairs. Cost – Varies

For a cost effective solution, why not buy a beanbag chair? Now this is obviously a cheap solution but surprisingly, many beanbag chairs can be insanely comfortable. Good quality ones have great back support, they automatically conform to the shape and height of your body due to the beans inside of them and they are very easy to transport. Of course they do have drawbacks, assuming your PC is on a desk fairly high up from the ground, you won’t want to be sat on a beanbag chair having to stare up at your screen, not only would this cause severe pain for your neck but it won’t do much good for a successful gaming session.

Bean Bag chairs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, some are shaped like ordinary chairs whilst others are large enough for a fully grown adult to lie down on. The great thing about bean bag chairs is that you will find at one to suit your specific needs. The I-eX bean bag gaming chair is a perfect candidate for any PC gamer. With a deep bucket seat and a supportive back rest, your comfort levels on this chair will be sky high. Although, at $74.99, there are cheaper alternatives on the market but bean bag chairs are undoubtedly extremely comfortable and will suit a gamers comfort demands.

Budget gaming chairs. Cost <$100

For the best bang for your buck, you should certainly consider the mid-black office chair from Amazon’s basic’s collection. At a price of less than $100, the chairs leather upholstery and ergonomic features would usually command a greater price.

The chair is adjustable, with pneumatic seat and backrest controls. Overall the chair provides good comfort levels. However, if you consider yourself tall or big then there are better chairs on the market, this chair was built specifically for a person of average height and average build.

Because these chairs are direct from Amazon, the shipping is extremely quick, Amazon private label them so if you do decide to purchase one of these, your chair should arrive in a matter of days.

High End computer gaming chairs. Cost – $1000

The steel case gesture is the king of all gaming chairs. Although extremely pricey this chair is enough to make any other chair in the world completely lackluster. Also used as an office chair – expect to see this sort of chair in the top law firms in the land, hence its office style appearance – the Steelcase is also perfectly suitable for gamers. PC Gamer praised this chair as a god send and called it the best high priced office chair for gamers, so if you are a gamer and you have enough money, do not hesitate in buying this chair.

The chair comes fully assembled, its swiveling arm design is the best in its class and its synchronized support system means no longer worrying about making the right manual adjustments. It uses a technology called Liveback – this term describes how the chair automatically conforms to your seating position. Quite simply, this chair has got everything you need to lead a comfortable gaming lifestyle.

So there you have it, four different but fantastic ideas on which gaming chair to pick from. Of course, this is just the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to gaming chairs. There are hundreds of them available and you can pay anything from $10 to $1000+. But quite simply, if you are a gamer a comfortable chair is vital to both ensure that your gaming is at maximum efficiency and so is your health.

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