Who Should Use A CRM Telephony System?


To put it really simply, every single business that is currently selling services or products would profit from the implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) telephony systems. This is especially true when referring to a company that sell remotely. You need to consider the technology within a call centre; as it will help you track and organize all data and processes that are associated with every single client and lead.

CRM telephony automatically covers some of the sales agent responsibilities. This will help your business to gain more time on the phone with potential clients. Many different software programs exist that you can utilise in order to compliment CRM task and data management, thus dynamically increasing versatility. A regular CRM can automatically capture web form leads with computer telephone support. Interested contacts would fill out a form on a site; an auto dial program would use that data to connect a sales representative, with the web site visitor through a phone line. CRM telephony systems can also send a template based email message, or a voice message that was pre-recorded automatically through a sales agent mouse click.

Outsourcing CRM Telephony

The costs associated with implementing a proper CRM telephony system can be quite high. That is why most firms currently outsource this part of the business. This allows a company to avoid having to invest money into hardware and software that would be necessary. The company that offers CRM systems would host absolutely all needed components. In this case we say that the Customer Relationship Manager is online CRM or hosted CRM.

Outsourcing CRM tools are recommended as they have lower costs to run them. In addition experienced CRM firms have the necessary experience to make the entire system work really well for a company. There is no longer a need to train employees to use new technology. The company can just takes care of this part of the business, while you dedicate your time and funds towards doing something else.

Hosted CRM telephony offers the tools necessary for a remote sales business, to use prime business time in an effective manner. Many tasks that are associated with phone sales are handled much faster and wasted time is minimized. This is basically an investment that is very profitable even for the really small businesses, while offering a huge profit potential for the large businesses.

There is absolutely no reason why you should not consider CRM telephony technology, especially if your company currently uses a call centre and tries to turn web site leads into customers. Using the outsourcing option is recommended for all small companies, while the large firms might actually want to create a special department that handles this process in-house.

By Sarah McDowell; a Search Consultant at providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK.

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