Why VOIP Is A Beneficial Business Decision


There’s a new technology in the air.  Many businesses today are switching over to it.  Those same businesses are saving money while making that switch, too.  So, what is it?  What is all the excitement about? It’s business VoIP.  Business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is pretty new to the business world.  It allows phone service to be delivered over the internet instead of the traditional phone lines.  In a nutshell, the way it works is ‘sound packets’ are made smaller.  Then, they are sent over a broadband connection.  When they reach their destination, they are restored to full size.  Users of this new VoIP cannot tell the difference in quality between the VoIP and standard, conventional phones lines.

Benefits you Say?

Business VoIP offers companies a great deal of benefits.  These benefits are the reason hundreds of small companies every day switch to this type of phone service.  Companies may see a 50-85% savings with VoIP over their traditional phone bill.  VoIP offers an auto attendant, dial-by-name feature, and virtual departments.  Installation is extremely easy and whenever you are in need of updates they are effortless.

Cut those Costs

Businesses big and small are now using Business VoIP.  It has proven to cut costs while not skimping on quality or coverage.  VoIP works over the internet so your phone service will work anywhere, anytime, in the office, or on your cell phone.  While using VoIP, companies can rout their phone calls to any cell phone turning your business into a mobile ready business. It even works if you are across the country.  There is a flexibility and option availability that cannot be found in traditional phone service.

Ease of Use

Another reason so many businesses seem to like using VoIP is that it operates on a line to line basis.  This means that it is easy to add a line as your business expands or subtract lines that are no longer needed.  You have control over how you set up and use your system.  Business VoIP seems to be on the fast track to changing the work place as we now know it.  By using this type of phone system you will ultimately eliminate any hassles that come with using a traditional phone company.  There aren’t any extra fees, costs, or any hidden fees with VoIP service.  And, the best part is companies will no longer have to provide and maintain a humongous closet full of wires and equipment!  There are no yearly contracts, replacement charges, or upgrade fees when you use VoIP.

So, no matter what size business you own or run, the smart choice is apparent.  Make the switch from conventional, over-priced phone service to Business VoIP phone service.  The choice is clear.  You, your employees, and ultimately your customers, will be glad you did.

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For more information about busines voip, contact Jeana Olchowy. Follow her @jolchowy25.

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