Wolfran Alpha: An Online Answering Service


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WolframAlpha is a portal for figuring answers and imparting knowledge. It unveils a front page packed with interactive hand drawn sketches that presents the brand a new approach to interact and learn with. The goal of the portal is to built on the achievements of science and other systematized knowledge to get definitive answers for factual queries. It brings all possible range of people straddling all professions and education levels. The chief objective of WolframAlpha is to formulate all the systematic knowledge assessable and largely available.

WolframAlpha works by means of its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to robotically answer questions, perform analysis, and create reports. It employs built-in knowledge assessed by human experts to handle on specific answers and perform analysis for every query. It takes in free-form natural language input and gives dynamically computed results. The portal acknowledges plain English on all queries and does the most superlative possible interpretation and produce results. It also checks on the input and provides allied queries which may be related to. In WolframAlpha, the queries can be added to favorites for rapid recovery when needed. It helps to go beyond text, where image files and tabular data can be uploaded and also provide extended math symbols in the input field. Outputs can be sought through Computable Document Format (CDF) interactivity with interactive controls, animations and much more. Output can be downloaded in more than 60 file formats.
WolframAlpha is not just a website, but also accessed through mobile application for course assistant, references, professional assistant and personal. The engine can be instantly employed in blogs or websites to get live computational knowledge. It is also available as tool bars and add-on. The engine also offers business solutions with latest available technologies. WolframAlpha onsite can be deployed in infrastructures for secured safety. It can be used by educators, media and data partners. It process more than ten trillion pieces of data from primary source with permanent updates, possess new types of algorithms for more than thousand domains. WolframAlpha can be shared and subscribed through RSS Feed, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Tumblr.

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