Yahoo improves its Search Result adding Snapshot Feature


Yahoo is desperately trying to orchestrate a turnaround as far as user’s base and revenues are considered. In order to achieve this goal, the company is inkling deals around the web, buying startup companies and also trying to improve its advertising campaign on the website. Yahoo has recently announced that they are improving or most likely jazzing up their internet search results section in order to attract more users to the website. This additional feature of improved search results will start appearing on the Yahoo website from Friday onwards.

According to the analysts at the company, these new feature are designed to make it easy for the people to get hold of the information they want to see. The users will now be able to get hold of their desired information very quickly and especially when the users are searching about Sports, Entertainment or any kind of special events. Although, a few of these shortcuts of viewing information quickly have previously been accessible on Yahoo, but with this added update there will be a truckloads of new information and snapshot features that the users can view. Once the user will search for some information, there will be a series of snapshots that will also be available alongwith the search results at the top of the page.

Different kind of marketing messages or the online billboards which are also called as Display ads will also crop up when the user will add something in the search boxes for search. For example, if the user has entered a query to buy certain merchandise, then the advertisement related to that query will pop up for the ease of the user.

Yahoo is hoping to be more distinguishable and unique than its competitor Microsoft Inc., Bing. Although, the company is still relying on Microsoft for the most of the search result it displays but now they are taking the initiative of their own.

Yahoo is also sharing the search advertising revenue with Microsoft. Yahoo is keeping an amount of $88 for every $100 earned from clicking on the advertisements on its site. The rest $12 is going to Microsoft. So, this new update by Yahoo is also aimed to cut that share of Microsoft.

Yahoo also needs definite changes because the ads revenue which the company is getting from its website is declining steadily. Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz took over the company almost 21 months ago and is trying frantically to engineer a turnaround for the company.

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