You Can Make A Website In Under 5 Minutes


Not to long ago it was vital for a person to have some technical computer skills if they wanted to create their own website. If a person did not know HTML or some of the other computer languages they were pretty much out of luck without hiring someone to build their website for them. Luckily these days it is possible for a person to make a website all on their own without having to be a computer language genius.

No technical or web development skills are needed. The best part is that you make a website in under 5 minutes!
The very first thing to do
The very first thing that is needed when getting a website started is to get a domain name for the site. This is the unique address that is typed in the browser when a person wants to visit your website. Every website must have a domain name to be online. There are many companies that you can buy a domain name from.

Domain name price
The price tag for a domain name will vary but they are not expensive. To register the domain name will cost a yearly fee. There are ways around this fee though as there are some hosting companies that will offer you a free domain name when you have your website hosted with them.

Hosting your website
Without website hosting a webpage cannot exist on the internet and nobody will be able to see your website. The small monthly fee that you pay every month will pay for this service. Some people think that web hosting has to be expensive, but there are
many hosting companies that charge only a few dollars a month to host your website.

Some web hosting companies are better than others. As mentioned earlier there are some that will give you a domain for free. You will want a web hosting company that offers this service as it will save you yearly fees. Another thing to look for will be a web host that offers unlimited web space. There is nothing worse than having a limited amount of web space and having your website crash once your site grows.

Putting your website together
When you are actually building and making your website you will need to use a content management system. WordPress is always the wise choice to make here as you don’t need to know anything about designing websites, codes or any computer languages. It is the most popular website building software that is used on the Internet. The best part about it is that using WordPress is free.

Time to build your website
If you are finally ready to get your own website going then now is the time. There is no reason not to, as this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how easy it could be to manage your own website. If you are seriously ready to get started with your own website please visit where you can take action and make a website in under 5 minutes. Learn how to get that free domain name and how to get hosting for only $6.95 per month from a top web hosting company.

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