You Can Now Stay Connected With the Internet in Your Car


Have you ever wondered if you could enjoy the wireless Internet access from the comfort of your car? Have you ever flirted with the idea of enjoying the same Internet amenities while driving that you like in your home or office?  There is no longer any need to wonder because you can now be connected to the Internet highway while driving. Imagine the joy of having improved family trips where you are no longer wandering around and having to ask for directions.

You Can Now Stay Connected With the Internet in Your Car

Having the Internet in your car is perfect for long-trips that can allow passengers to use their laptops for entertainment purposes, directions or even to find lovely places to eat in the towns ahead of you. Kids can listen to their MP3 players, download music, or watch movies which prove for turningrepetitive trips into enjoyable trips.

Wi-Fi Connections

Chrysler offers a consumer-focused Internet product called “UAConnect Web”.  This product is a dealer-installed accessory that uses 3G mobile broadband, routers to create wireless networks in their 2009 model cars, and newer model cars. It proves difficult to believe that automakers are jumping on the “information highway” bandwagon, but it is happening in a fast-pace, and features such as this can be expected in the majority of new vehicles in the future from all automakers.
The purpose of creating features such as “UAConnect Web” is to appeal to families “on the go” as well as active individuals who spend a lot of time in their cars. Companies such as Top Global USA and Cradlepoint are offering similar products, but their products are not yet ready for the market to the public. Various home networking manufacturing companies are selling home routers that accept mobile broadband cards, and in-vehicle solutions for families craving the Internet as they travel. In the near-future, consumers will observe more Internet technologies later on in the upcoming year.

Mobile Internet Users 

Cellphone companies are offering high-speed Internet rapidly across our nation, even in rural areas. This proves exciting, but the fact still remains that using mobile Internet devices in your car can prove difficult. Most cellphone companies provide Internet access through their high-speed mobile broadband, services on cellphones and laptops.  The downside to this is that you can only access the Internet on the device itself. Another drawback is when you have a car-full of passengers who want to access the Internet at the same time.  In situations like this, you will need a wireless network to please everyone.

Networking opportunities are endless 

When you have Internet in your car, it becomes more than providing entertainment for your family and friends.  Future applications will include navigation systems that can access maps, traffic reports and points-of-interest.  There are different safety-oriented transportation solutions that will be offered in the near-future that will alert drivers of traffic conditions up ahead as well as emergency braking.


Currently, in-vehicle broadband Internet solutions are allowing passengers and their devices to surf the information highway while traveling, no matter where their destination lies.  It proves wise to stay tuned as WIMAX and 3G mobile broadband bring the Internet into our cars with making every mile of travel more enjoyable than ever.

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